2017 Word of the Year Recap

Last year I chose “Outside” for my word of the year.  My youngest at the time was 4 and I was expecting our fourth child in October.  I really wanted to take advantage of being able to adventure with my kids before having to worry about carriers and diapers again.  They were such troopers.  We did a lot of hikes as a family on Saturday’s and vacations, but I also designated Friday as our “Mountain Day.” It was great to get away from the everyday and feel peace and solitude in the mountains.  I loved watching my kids relax and just be.  Some days they would grumble at the start of a hike, but it wouldn’t take long for them to become distracted by the beautiful scenery and fresh air.  We hiked anywhere from 1 to 6 miles on our hikes.  They grew to love this time outdoors, which made my heart so happy!  I also enjoyed having time to connect as our own little family unit.  We love doing things with friends, but I think alone family time is very important as well.  We didn’t always do a hike, some weeks we would go swimming in a reservoir or play in a creek. Just writing about it makes me so excited for this coming summer and new adventures to be had!  We won’t be able to do as much as we did last summer now that we have a 3 month old, but mountain therapy will definitely be a priority!


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