5 Things You’ll Find in My Church Bag

Today I’m sharing 5 things that I keep in my church bag to make sitting quietly through church a little bit easier for my kids. (For anyone wondering I bought this bag from Target online, almost 4 years ago! It has served me so, so well.)#1 BOOGIE BOARDS
These have been somewhat life changing for us, so I thought I’d share them first! Maybe you’ve seen them around? They’re becoming more and more popular. We got our first set a couple of years ago. By the time my youngest was three we no longer brought along any other activities to church because these kept the kids entertained all on their own! Watch for them at Costco for a great price. They can also be purchased on Amazon. #2 THE FRIEND MAGAZINE
A year or so ago we purchased a Friend magazine subscription for each of our children. They love having their own copies to look through each month and enjoy racing to see who can finish the seek and find page the fastest or to see who can find all of the hidden CTR rings first. (These also come in handy for Family Home Evenings.)#3 BUSY BAGS
These are what I have used to keep my kids entertained through the toddler years at church. (I don’t recommend bags with anything that can roll or that is loud when dropped, been there done that.) Great places to find busy bag activities are the Target Dollar Spot & Dollar Tree. You can also easily make your own activities! There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest if you search “busy bags.” (The finger puppets pictured are a steal on Amazon.)#4 PENS & PAPER
I keep these in my bag at all times mainly so I have them on hand for the class that I teach, but they also come in handy when I want to take notes, when the kids need something to write with (They use the pens for activities in the Friend Magazine), or when there’s a restless toddler near by that needs some entertainment (Dumps the pens out, puts them back in.) I found these cute pens at Dollar Tree last year, a 10 pack for $1! The cup is from Target’s Dollar Spot.
I actually try to discourage this, but every few weeks one of my kids will sneak a Chatbook (or 5) into church. They LOVE looking through these and they do help to keep them quiet, but they get so engrossed in them I’m pretty sure they are hearing nothing that the speakers are saying. Sometimes I take them away until after church and sometimes I just give in and enjoy the extra peace & quiet.




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