5 Family Goals for Summer 2017

#1 Listen to audio books when in the car for 20+ minutes.

(We love Audible.com!)


#2 Keep summer journals where we write (or draw) about our adventures.

(We found our journals, pictured below, at Target.)


#3 Go on an outdoor adventure at least once per week.

(We love taking our “Nature Anatomy” book along with us!)


#4 Spend lots of time in the water to increase confidence and swimming skills.

(Puddle Jumpers are awesome for little ones when you are trying to keep multiple kids safe in the water!)


#5 Complete a Summer Reading Challenge.

(My oldest (9) loved the Fablehaven series and has now moved on to Harry Potter. A huge “Thank you!” to my little brother who let us borrow all of his books!)


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